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Excuse me , I have no brians.

One thing that often happens to me is that while explaining a slightly technical subject to a noob is that they would interrupt me and blatantly say they are an idiot. This act just completely pisses me off. They are actively using the excuse of being an idiot. I once had someone visit me while i was coding and he looked to the screen and said that he will never be able to code. I told him i would teach him the basics and he just stood up and left saying that hes not smart. Why do we live in a world where it is an justifiable excuse to be stupid? It is seen as some sort of disability and like all disabilities you are expected to feel sorry for them. I say bullshit with this. I understand not everyone is a genius and not everyone can be an engineer , but that certainly is no excuse to not think. Its like saying I will never be as fast as Usain bolt and thus i will never try to even walk..